Unable to Perform Den Leader/Admin Duties

I’m the Wolf Den Leader of Pack 100 in Boynton Beach, FL and I seem to have to accounts sharing the same e-mail address. As a result, Steve Shaw, the cubmaster of pack 100 sees me as a den leader but either account does not have access to the Wolf den to make any changes. I’d like to purge one of the accounts completely but not sure which one.

  • 14042429
  • 137371475

I’d like to keep which ever account is linked to my son Oliver in the Wolves with Pack 100.

@JeffreyBisbee probably logging into wrong account - let me look

I created an account, then hit the login with google account which overrode my email address and now I have two. It’s been broken for a while and have just had other leaders do scoutbook for me. Figured I’d finally get around to fixing this.

OK you need to be using the username to log in - Not the email to log in

I got the 14042429 from my.scouting look up your username. Not sure if the ids from my.scouting and scoutbook link back to the same key. Says I am ID 137371475 whether I log via jbisbee@gmail.com or jjbisbee. Also gives me a warning there are two accounts with the same email address.

I’m using the email login now to write you these messages. Logging out and checking.

I logged into jjbisbee and not I am no longer linked to the pack or my son.

OK it is cleaned up - your unit admins need to clean up your leader positions and setup admin position for den

Thank you very much!

I think you are hitting system while I am cleaning it up

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