Unable to record Cub Scout advancement

I am the Cub Master and Scout Master for our group. I am able to record everything for my Troop but when I try to record for the Pack it kicks me back to my home page.

Is your CM role still listed as current in my.scouting? If so, maybe try resetting your Pack Admin role in Scoutbook by going to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Pack # → Roster → Your Name

Then select your Pack Admin role, make sure it’s approved, then re-save. Sometimes unit admin roles get fouled up behind the scenes and this can get them reset sometimes. Note that this is path-dependent, so you can’t go via My Positions.

@TajiaSohnholz first suggestion is talk to council - you are registered as Pack Chair and Cubmaster - that should not be possible - it could be causing a conflict in the system

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It shows that I have all the appropriate permissions and i am approved.

@TajiaSohnholz rather than posting Personal Info - Go to unit Roster in Scoutbook > Click your name > click Admin > click Update - no matter what it says

Sorry, that didn’t work either. I even logged out then back again.

@TajiaSohnholz how are you trying to record? Quick Entry or individual?

Individual, the same way I do for the troop.

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Are the scouts on dens? For cub scouts, that is critical.


That is what I was missing! It works now.

Thanks everyone for the help!!

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:man_bowing: @jacobfetzer Good call

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