Unable to Record Progress - Adventures. Advancements not appearing on report

Hi. Need support help.
Recently, when ever I attempt to record progress, on selecting “Adventure” the form is closed and this appears at the top of the page. “We’ve encountered a problem with this feature. Our development team has been notified of this error.”
I have tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox, and cleared all cache to ensure it is not a browser issue.

This started for me on Monday 05/16. I do not see an post about it in the forum. Can I get some help please as we are trying to complete advancements this week.

Update. I am able to record awards and rank (just not adventures). Even though it is recorded, a new error appears as an overlay stating “ERROR: Not Found”. No other detail is given. However the approved items can not be found when you run the report.

Is it working now? An issue was resolved yesterday.

Hi. I can now record ‘Adventures’, however none of my submissions appear for the Advancement Report. They appear when I run ‘Advancement History’. So i am unable to present that to purchase the advancements.

Its not working for me. I can enter advancements but then when I go to generate a report it says to enter an advancement to receive a report.

They have found another issue and are working on it.

Please try again, the developers are reporting that they implemented a fix.