Unable to Retake YPT after Completing 10 Minute YPT Course Completion Testing Module First

I am unable to retake the YPT after I first completed the 10 YPT final test. My COR states that I can not get credit for completion of YPT as I have to retake the entire course first, before I am given credit for YPT final exam completion. I completed the YPT Final Exam test on 11/03/21. Upon completion I checked my completions section of my menu and I did not see a YPT expiration date. I attempted to “retake the course” from the “YPT and Training Center” menu. When I attempted to “retake the course” I was automatically taken to a blank “BSA Learn Center” tab with no displays. I attempted this procedure; to ensure there were different browser requirement, on Chrome and Firefox with negative results. I would really like to get credit for this course so I can complete my Assistant Den Leader training and receive credit for our Pack’s (1185) recharter. Any assistance you all can provide will be greatly appreciated! I thank you in advance.

Please disregard my entry as I was able to figure a solution around the issue and I successfully finished all of my YPT requirements. My “solution” to the issue was to continue on with my Assistant Den Leader training where I noticed the YPT training module was not complete, here I clicked on it and was then able to complete all the rest of the training.

I am troubled though by my attempt to approach this issue through my previous entry still with negative results. I am curious how that can be rectified though.

My apologies for any confusions.

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