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Unable to see 2 MBC

Ok Have two counselors no one can see in scoutbook when I look at them in VST they both show as recently expired (but still should show in grace period, everyone else does-registrar a little behind)

1 her scoutbook ID is not attached to MYST and when I try to correct get the dreaded not in council
MID 114195848
SB ID 2765850
MYST ID 780661

2 don’t see an attached MYST ID but SB says sso enabled
MID 135276962
SB ID 9655923

It was allowing me to fix these for a while but now something seems to have changed



I have reported this to the developers.

MID 135276962 has a second MID 129337070 in Golden Empire Council. From the dates this appears to be an old number. He can log in to his myst account and use the Manage Member ID function to place his new MID on this account.

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