Unable to Send Application via Invitation Manager

I am currently trying to send an adult application to a District level volunteer. I’ve typed all the required fields and I receive the following error:

“required key [addressLine1] not found required key [addressLine2] not found required key [addressLine3] not found required key [city] not found required key [stateId] not found required key [zipCode5] not found.”

Is anyone else experiencing problems?

There were issues yesterday that were resolved. Did you try today?

I’m having the same issue today. There is no way I can send an application even if I fill out the required and optional fields.

I reached out to Dev on this one. You may also want to put in a ticket with Member Care

You might try running it from an incognito window and no VPN, and see if it works that way. That would possibly eliminate a local browser issue.

The developers said they will look into it on Monday

I just dropped in to report the same issue. Glad it is already being looked into.

@RobertBrodner @IanLamb I sent you a private message, please click on your icon in the upper right and then the envelope.

I’m having a similar problem. No matter what I enter, the program will not let me send an application. It will not allow me to leave Address Line 2 blank. If I put something in that box, it gives me this. I do not see and “Address Line 3” anywhere in the online form.

Yours in Service,
Chuck Olson

@CharlesOlson is this for a district position?
I sent you a private message as well

IT was able to replicate the issue, they are working on a fix.

Trying to register a new scout and still having the same issue today. Any ideas on when this will be resolved? Thanks.

If it was fixed, it appears to be not working again… same issue. Trying to send application to a local new scout’s mom and I get “required key [addressLine2] not found required key [addressLine3] not found”

No, still not working.

What error are you seeing?

“required key [xxx] not found”, where xxx is any blank not filled in. Even if you fill in all the available blanks, it says “address line 3” for xxx, even though there is no line 3.

Just joining in with the same problem. I have been inundated the past few days with volunteers frustrated that they can not use this option. Any headway on getting this fixed?

Just joining in on the conversation. Same issue as above. Is this as a result of the troop during recharter or is this website issue? Have a new scout to add to the unit.

FYI, checked all of the invitation manager links (QR code and link to online apps). Error message

We are sorry, online registrations for this unit are not available at this time. Please contact the unit leader.

As a unit leader that doesn’t help.

Has your unit’s recharter been completed and processed for this year?

I’ve had several units with the same issue. I assumed it’s because they are in the middle of completing their recharter renewal.