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Unable to sign in first time into scoutbook

I have a leader that I created an account for that has tried to log in using the temporary password from the email and is unable to.

If they are a registered leader, they should be able to log in with their my.scouting username and password.

Otherwise, have them try the reset password link. That sometimes helps (even if they know the password).

Thanks I just thought of that. Hopefully it works.

Hello, I am new to Scoutbook and can log in, however, I am not able to see any information or enter anything for my scout. How do I connect my account to my son?

@JoAnnRosebrock - are you the parent of a cub or scouts BSA scout ? It may be that the unit has not linked you to your scout. But it could also be related to what you see when you log in. If you could post a screenshot of what you see when you log in it may help direct a solution.

I am the parent of a cub scout. (I also have a boy scout, however, I do not believe they are using scoutbook.)
This is what I see on my end:


You need to do one of the following:

  1. Ask a Key 3 member (Charter Org Rep, Committee Chair or Cubmaster/Scoutmaster) to log in to Scoutbook and connect you to your Scouts as Parent/Guadian
  2. Send an e-mail to with your name, e-mail address and ID along with the name, BSA member ID, council and unit of your Scouts and ask them to connect you as Parent/Guardian.

After you are connected, you should be able to see your Scouts.

Thank you! I will see if I can make progress through either of those routes.

I am connected as the parent/guardian on my son’s account (see photo from Cub Master attached), but I still do not see it on my end.

Sounds like you have two accounts. Are you logging in with your email address as the username? Could someone confirm that the account they see has that same email address?

Yes, I am logging in with my email address and it is the same email that shows up on the screen shots they have sent me. How do we verify if I have two accounts or not? And, if I do, how do we connect them?

With further digging I am seeing two different BSA #'s. How do I connect them??


Send an e-mail to with your name, BSA#s, council, unit, e-mail address and your ID. Ask them to merge your Scoutbook accounts.

If you have two different BSA member numbers, you should also contact your council registrar to merge them.

Thank you! I have forwarded your response to our Cub Master. Fingers crossed, we are on our way to a solution! :slight_smile:

In my.Scouting Tools:

Q: I have more than one registration number. How can I add additional registrations to my profile?
A: The ability to add additional registrations (member IDs) to your profile can be done in Manage Member ID. This feature is located under Menu, Legacy Web Tools. Changing primary settings requires you to log out of and then log back in for the primary setting to take effect.

I do not know if Scoutbook recognizes multiple MemberID in user profiles or not.

Hi, @Bill_W,

When I had to have two accounts merged, there were a couple of steps:

  1. “Merge” the two BSA IDs in my.scouting, and identify which one was primary.
    1a) Fortunately, my BSA IDs were from different councils, and different time periods (one adult, one youth), but this step would have been to have council make sure that my accounts and training were all properly synced on their end.
  2. Have merge the two Scoutbook accounts, and retain the current BSA ID, current unit membership, current connections, and training in the merged account.

I believe merging the BSA accounts can be done by the council registrar (or BSA Member Care). However Scoutbook support folks merge Scoutbook accounts.

I am getting the following error message when I go to, log in and then Menu, Legacy Web Tools, Manage Member ID:

I am getting the following error message when I go to, log in and then Menu, Legacy Web Tools, Manage Member ID: