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Unable to transfer scout

I have a scout who has transferred into our pack from another pack. I have obtained his new BSA ID from our Council. When I try to transfer him in Scoutbook it says they can’t find a matching scout and to contact Council. But Council keeps telling me to contact Scoutbook. Any ideas?

Start with their old bsa member number.

Thank you for your help!

Here is the response I just received from my council:
You will have to contact the Atlanta Area Council. If you use his previous BSA number nothing you enter will transfer to our system. The best thing to do is to contact scoutbook customer service via email.

@KelliOwen a few questions?

Is the Scout Registered with you yet?
If so has the Scout shown up in Scoutbook yet? If this is the case you will have to send an email asking them to merge the 2 accounts noting the current council BSA # needs to remain

If you have not turned in application yet. Go to Unit Roster > at the bottom of scout list there is a TRANSFER SCOUT link > click it and enter the Scout info > that will move the scouts other council account to your unit > then when you turn in application the system should find the scout and replace the BSA # in it

The parent submitted the transfer paperwork to council and according to council, he is on my roster. However, he is not showing on my pack roster in scoutbook.

a K3 needs to look at member manager in

and if marked transfer it would not have worked - this is a new scout to the council

@KelliOwen Are you a Pack Key3? If so you can log into my.scouting and go to your Pack’s Member Manager and see if the Scout is in your unit.

If I were you I would do the transfer tool now - so when he does come in hopefully system will see it

He is on our pack roster when I look in the member manager section.

This is what I meant about using the old member number. I didn’t explain myself very well.

@KelliOwen if you see scout in member manager - do go do the Transfer Tool - give it one day to see if Scout arrives - other wise Send the email to

What you’re being told by your council and scoutbook is wrong. I had 5 transfers this year and I’m pretty sure I hit every pitfall along the way over a 4 month process. All scouts kept original BSA ID. The whole point of the transfer paperwork is to keep scouting info including previous advancement info under the same BSA ID. They don’t want duplicate BSA IDs for the same person.

If it shows up in it should show up in scoutbook. If it doesn’t that is a conversation with scoutbook. Leave out transfer. Just say “a scout on my unit roster does not show up in scoutbook” and give them the BSA number.

I have one scout that’s dual enrolled in two units in scoutbook because they didn’t do transfer paperwork. They filled out a new application- same name/DOB which is enough for scoutbook to match him to previous unit in another state.

The transfer form isn’t enough. You still need a unit application which needs to be signed by a Key 3 or designee, so if the only paperwork in the equation was delivered by the parents to the council with no signature for your unit leadership, all the paperwork hasn’t been filled out yet. I’d bet your council is incorrect saying the scout is on your roster (I got that message 12 times over 4 months and he was never in You should check roster to verify.

Contacting Atlanta area council likely won’t help you at all but if you need a contact message me. My DE at AAC is very familiar with transfers now :).

That is true for in-council transfers. Unfortunately, out of council transfers still require a new bsa member number. Each council is assigned a block of member numbers, and they can’t transfer (at this point).


I have 3 scouts from out of council with the same BSA numbers. All successfully transferred within the last month


Registrars in one council do not have access to the BSA Member IDs of Scouts in any other Council. ScoutNET restricts visibility to only the block of BSA Member IDs assigned to each Council. I suggest checking Member Manager at to make sure the Scouts have the same BSA Member ID in both Scoutbook and Member Manager. If they do not match, send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, old and new BSA Member ID, your unit and council and the Scout’s former unit and council. Ask that they merge the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts and set the new BSA Member ID in the surviving account.

I can only tell you what I’m seeing in scoutbook. I’m not talking about official rosters. I’m talking about info in scoutbook that I can see that my local council staffers cannot see.
Multiple scouts. I can toggle between my unit and their old one in scoutbook because they haven’t been properly released from the old unit. Same BSA ID, different councils when I toggle between profiles. I’ve reached out to al of their adult connections from old units in other councils and they’ve verified the Old BSA ID is the same as what appears. Which I have access to because I can see their records in scoutbook from their previous units including their previous leaders.

I’m not having a problem with my rosters. They’re right finally. In response to original poster. I’m still betting they don’t have al the paperwork and the scout doesn’t appear in my


If the BSA Member ID does not match what is in the Scout’s current membership in Member Manager in then ScoutNET is not being properly updated for that Scout. This is critical when the Scout completes Eagle because the council’s Eagle Processor will not see any advancement for that Scout.

Everything on my rosters match