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Unable to uncomplete achievement from DLE

I used the DLE for my Tiger den meeting tonight. However we weren’t able to do all the achievements. I took attendance and checked the “Completed the meeting with alternative requirements.” option, expecting the ability to select only those achievements for each scout.

I didn’t get an option, so I went to SB to check what did happen.

On SB, it shows each scout as having been recorded & approved by me for all achievements. So of course, I went to undo that work DLE was so helpful with, however I’m not able to.

I uncheck leader approved/recorded and clear out the the Date Completed field then click save and get the following error.

In order to make changes to this requirement you must first remove the date the adventure was completed.

I’m guessing here–but does DLE have a lock on the achievement and I have to wait until after the scheduled date of the DLE meeting?

If so, I’m about to schedule all DLE meetings to 2020 BC! I mostly like DLE, but it’s just not flexible enough.

Go to the Scout’s advancement page, click the completion date on adventure itself, clear the date and leader approved and click Save. At that point you will be able to remove the completion date on the individual requirements.

That’s exactly what I tried. I’ve done it before on other non-DLE approved achievements.

Is there a way to know if it’s DLE related?

Are you able to uncheck the approved box a save? Does that stick?

No, I’m unable to remove the achievements.

In addition, DLE has granted Bobcat rank for a scout in the den that hasn’t gone through it yet (covid has made meeting and advancement difficult). I’m not able to remove the rank from scoutbook for that as well.

All I can do is add notes to the ranks so that hopefully I’ll remember that they weren’t really earned. :frowning:

Good/bad news. I’m able to un-complete the adventure, but not the achievements.

what do you mean on achievements? how can you not un-complete them by clearing date?

I think he means individual adventure requirements. He can’t undo them as Completed or Approved, because there is an issue with the DLE app.

Let me provide an update:

So we know what I’m changing.

Each rank, achievement, and adventure has multiple fields.

  1. Completed date - (text field)
  2. Approved - (checkbox)
  3. (Rank + Adventure only) Awarded - (checkbox)

The DLE entered Completed date + Approved for a single adventure and the meetings scheduled achievements as well as Bobcat rank. (this was across several DLE meetings)

As the Den leader, I wanted to keep the achievements accurate. So I needed to remove the completion status for everything that wasn’t actually completed which was only single achievement for some of the den. I tried to clear the text box (select text in the field, [CTRL-A] then [DEL]. I then unchecked the Approved. When I clicked SAVE, a pop-up showed that I couldn’t do this.

I believe the fix was that I needed to first clear out the Adventure completion status, then I could clear-out the Achievement completion status.

For Rank however, there isn’t a fix. I’m able to clear out the Requirements for the Rank. I can clear Awarded, but cannot clear Approved or Completed date.

Is this expected behavior?

I can prevent this from happening again by not recording attendance for the meetings.

sometimes you have to uncheck approve and then save - then go back to change/clear date - you might try that for overall rank


  1. Go to SB (https://www.scoutbook.com/)
  2. Click (LOGIN)
  3. Redirected to (https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/?ShowLogin=1)
  4. Click: “My Dashboard”
  5. Redirected to (https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/dashboard/)
  6. Click on scouter I need to update
  7. Redirected to (https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/dashboard/admin/account.asp?ScoutUserID=REDACTED)
  8. Click on “Advancement”
  9. Redirected to (https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/dashboard/admin/advancement/default.asp?ScoutUserID=REDACTED&UnitID=REDACTED&DenID=REDACTED&PatrolID=)
  10. Click on “Bobcat”
  11. Redirected to (https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/dashboard/admin/advancement/rank.asp?RankID=13&ScoutUserID=REDACTED&UnitID=REDACTED)
    • Only “Earned” is checked. Other “Requirements” are unchecked.
  12. Click on “Earned”
  13. Modal dialog is shown
    • Date earned is filled in
    • Approved is checked
    • Awarded is unchecked
  14. I updated fields
    • Uncheck Approved
    • Clear Date earned
  15. I click “Save”
  16. A browser dialog is shown: The leader approved checkbox can only checked when a date is specified.

In response to your suggestion:

When I save with a date and nothing checked, all the requirements get checked and and approved is still checked.

Any other ideas on what to do?

I don’t personally use DLE. So, I’m guessing a little. Can you unmarked attendance or change the scouts to absent?

Tried that one too.

At what point is this a bug or feature request?

If I’m understanding correctly, you can in mark attendance, but it doesn’t undo the requirement completions that marking attendance created. Definitely a bug.

Is there a step to get a fix on the product backlog?

We have already let the developers know. I should say that it’s a bug in my book and probably everyone in the SUAC. I can’t guarantee that the developers feel that way.

Can you post the discussion if it’s functioning as desired or a bug when you find out?

I can confirm that I was unable to remove individual requirements not completed from “in progress” adventure (my Den has been using DLE this year to try and help provide feedback). I don’t have a “complete” adventure or rank that needs to be “backed out” so I cannot confirm if this is possible.