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Unable to view Advancement Reports

I am the Advancement Chair for the Crew.

I am not able to access and advancement reports for 2 (20 year old) Verturers in our Crew. These young adults are primary registered with a Ship and Multiple registered with the Crew. I can access Advancement Reports for the remaining Crew members (including another 20 year old).

I am able to access and update their requirements for the Crew, but I cannot view their reports.

One of these young adults is working on the Summit Award and he only have a couple of months remaining before his 21st Birthday. Please help.

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I assume this is in Internet Advancement? I know they are working on it

Thanks for the quick reply.

i am attempting to run the Venture History Report (but none work) from he Venturer’s Roster entry. Is that he same as Internet Advancement.

are you at www.scoutbook.com or scoutbook.scouting.org?

The website is www.scoutbook.com .

ok - yeah I think the History report fails for over 18 - I just asked the developer

I just successfully generated a Venturer History Report for another 20 year old young adult.

If the Venturer History Report is not available after 18, what report can be used as documentation for the Summit Award?

If you could send an e-mail to support at:


Please include the Venturer’s full names, BSA ID numbers, unit numbers, and council name along with the issue that you are having and the name of the report.

Please post the SSD number here, and we will try to follow up.

I think it depends how they are registered, also.


Do the Venturers affected have the position of Unit Participant?


Do the 20-year-olds not affected have the position of Unit Participant?


Where do I find that information?


A key 3 or key 3 delegate will need to check member manager in my.scouting.

They are all listed as Venturing Participant.


Guys - not sure if it is relevant but I was told by a Council Registrar in the last couple of days, that Venturers are now set to expire on their 18th birthday in ScoutNet and must turn in an Adult Leader Application, Criminal Records Check Form, and have current YPT in order to re-activate as a code VP (Venturing Participant). I’m not sure if this syncs over to Scoutbook or not.

I’ve sent you a DM to get some more info. Look in the upper right corner.

@PaulShollenberger Thanks much for your report, help, and time. This is scheduled to be fixed Monday.


Thanks for your help.


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@PaulShollenberger Please try it now and let us know the results.

The Venturing History Report now works. Thanks for your help.

But, upon further testing, the same 3 Venturers do not show up on the following “pick lists” and/or reports:

Individual Advancement Report (Venturer Page)

Activity Log Report (Venturer Page)

Report Builder Manager, New Crew Report (Crew Page)

Report Builder Manager, New Scouts BSA Report (Crew Page)

Activity Log Report (Crew Page)

Thank you for All your help.