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Unawarded Cub Scout Awards after crossover

This is an issue that exists due to COVID-19.

What happens to any unawarded activity pins, rank badges, and other awards that are in the Pack’s “needs awarding” report when a Webelos II transfers to a Troop during the period while Scout shops are closed?

Chuck Olson
Pack 236/Troop 463
Sandy Springd, GA

I would need to test, but I believe they no longer show up on your Needs Awarding report, because they are no longer part of your unit once they join a troop.

So that the Scout’s record is complete, I would probably mark them awarded before they cross over then make sure they get the award as soon as possible.

Jennifer & Ed:

I suspect that a lot of units don’t know that they will get dropped off. In a normal year, that would not be an issue, but this year is far from normal. Most of the Scouts crossing over into my Troop will not have had a Pack meeting where awards were presented in four months and, once they join the Troop, only the parents will care about the awards they earned as a Cub Scout.

Given everything else the Pack leaders are dealing with, this issue will only occur to them after its too late.


After the fact, a troop admin could do an export of scouts advancement and look for CS awards and ranks with approved = 1 and awarded = 0.

This is what we have put out to the Packs that feed into our Troop:

Normally at this time of year, Cub Scout Packs meetings are holding advancement ceremonies and crossovers for their Webelos II. However, nothing about this year is normal and that could mean that many Webelos II in Packs that use Scoutbook could lose out on awards that they have earned unless Den and Pack Leaders take the time to save “needs awarding” and “needs purchasing” records before the Webelos II transfer to a Troop.

One of the great features of Scoutbook is that it makes it very easy for a Scout to move from Cub Scouts into a Troop. What isn’t widely known is that when a Webelos II transfers from the Pack to a Troop, Scoutbook automatically removes any badges or awards that have been earned, but not presented, from the Pack’s “Needs Awarding Report,” “Needs Purchasing Report,” and any unsaved “Purchase Orders.” Normally this isn’t an issue, but then again, in most parts of the country, nothing about this year is normal. Troops and Packs are not able to go to their local Scout Shop and pick up badges and other awards that Scout’s have earned this year.

While the badges and pins that a Webelos II earned while completing Arrow of Light will show up as earned in the Scout’s Cub Scout History Report that the Troop can see, neither the Troop or Pack can generate a “Needs Awarding,” “Needs Purchasing,” or “Purchase Order” Report for those awards, once the Scout is transferred into the Troop.

To prevent Webelos II from losing out on those badges, pins and other Cub Scout awards before they transfer out of the Pack, the Pack advancement person should run “Needs Awarding,” “Needs Purchasing,” or “Purchase Order” Reports and save them to a .pdf file. That way, when we finally come out of this pandemic, they will be able to obtain the awards the Webelos II earned in their last year as Cub Scouts.


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