Undo feature assistant question | is this within the unit > cub > requirement?

@GaryFeutz if we undo, will it just remove the requirements marked on that particular page based on the filters selected ?
we had one cub transferred from other unit but somehow when that unit was updating requirements for their cubs, it somehow picked up the transferred cub also and now i’m trying to undo whatever was updated by the other unit advancement chair, I just want to be sure that when I undo based on the name of that advancement chair, nothing in their unit gets removed.

I want to know if this extension works within the unit for a specific requirement of a specific cub.

kindly clarify.

@DonovanMcNeil can I seek your advise on this? if you happen to know the answer.

@HassanAli To answer your questions - yes - it will only remove the requirements on the page for a the specific Scout you are on, subject to your filters.

It does not look at any other Scouts, and does not look at other advancements.

thanks @GaryFeutz
it keeps on spinning forever when I try. any idea what am i doing wrong

@HassanAli I confirmed the constant spinner, it happens with Adventures. I found the bug and have a fix, so I will release a new version when I am able.

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Thanks again @GaryFeutz for the swift response.

since we have to update the scoutbook for our upcoming ceremony, can you suggest an alternative to remove the same?

I tried by clicking Earned blue check, clearing the dates and approved checkmarks but nothing happens.

please advise.

@HassanAli What are you trying to remove?

Individual requirements? Or entire adventures?

entire adventure which need corrections

@HassanAli Are all of the requirements marked off for the adventure(s)?

If all of the individual requirements are marked off, the Scoutbook code will “roll up” and mark the entire adventure as completed (or completed and approved). If this is the case, you need remove at least one requirement in order to keep the code from rolling up. Then you can remove the overall adventure.

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@JenniferOlinger thanks for your response.

yes, I realize that it’s rolling up, when I try to remove one of the requirement by clearing of date it tell me this

@HassanAli To manually remove, edit the overall adventure first and uncheck Approved, then save. Next, remove the date from the overall adventure.

You can then remove the requirements.

I released the update to the extension; it will take a few hours for Google to push it out.

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