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Uniform Guide Confusion for Cub Scouts and Scouters


I would suggest the same for the time being: a den leader of a Webelos den should wear a Cub Scout leader neckerchief. However, the uniform inspection form and other documents need to be updated to clarify this. That was the point of my post.

I agree that it does make sense that the neckerchief is eliminated, if the name of the position is eliminated or changed to den leader, however one wants to look at it.

Of course, since BSA uniform parts are not obsoleted by default, a den leader of a Webelos den ought to be able to wear the Webelos den leader neckerchief, if s/he happens to have one. At least, that’s my opinion, based on a conclusion that a modern-day den leader of a Webelos den is effectively the same as a Webelos den leader, the position for which the neckerchiefs were made.



I agree with the suggestion @Bill_W that a framed display would make a much better recognition item than a uniform with lots of position patches sewn onto it. You could then include all the unit numerals in appropriate color combinations for the units the COR has served. It would allow you to organize the appearance of your gift to the COR far better than a sleeve of a uniform shirt would.


The COR is not retiring, he is still active.I never stated he was not in good standing. I never stated that he is retiring. He is in good standing with current YPT and fully position trained. It is more a celebration of a decade of service, I doubt the Troops that he sponsors will recognize him. I also think this is a way to be more inviting to participate with the Pack.

Peter and Bill,

I disagree with your assessment of a framed display, we live in tiny apartments no storage this item would most likely be discarded in Okinawa. Personally I have thrown away tons of stuff, and have a lot more to do as I live in a 800 square foot apartment with a family of four.

He is retired military just as I am, soon there is to much stuff to put on your “I Love Me wall.” I find a sewn uniform with patches to be more thrifty as he can still wear it to events if he wants.

Furthermore to make a wall display it would cost a lot more, and I would have to do a ton of research to his involvement in scouting, which I do not have the time nor the resources to do right now. Our Pack is closing in on 30 years service to the community, so I think this would be a nice tip of the hat to our Charter Organization who has made it possible.

Very Respectfully,

Scott, my apologies for making a false assumption that the COR was retiring as COR. I also never wrote or implied that the COR was not in good standing. I was only quoting BSA national policy.

For a compact gift may I suggest a special neckerchief with the charter organization name and pack white on red unit numbers on it? The International Adult Neckerchief , SKU: 611547, appears to have room above the embroidered emblem.

Per the Guide to Awards and Insignia (2018), special regulations, p. 13 (upper right):

Special neckerchiefs, the same size as the official ones, may be authorized by local
councils. Such neckerchiefs may include identification of the chartered organization. The standard designed neckerchief may be personalized with troop number, city, and state.

I think you can stretch “troop” to “pack”…

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