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Uniform Inspection sheet

There is one truly outdated item. It isn’t the handbook. It is the membership card. We aren’t given them, they are self serve in our council. The scouts weren’t interested, so we didn’t print them. I guess that would be “free points”.

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@Qwazse, the Progress Record Book was the official record for a Scout’s advancement for a stretch. Perhaps it was 7 years. I’m not sure. It had a page for each rank and each skill award. My skill awards are all signed off in mine, and my Tenderfoot through star ranks are signed off there as well. The Handbook changed at that point, and I got the new one, which had places to sign off. The version of the Handbook I had when I crossed over had no place to record signatures.

I remember being terrified of losing that little Progress Record Book. I always carried it in my back pocket to troop meetings, but I never took it camping. I could always get things signed off later.


I also got the 9th ed. BSHB mid-career. I can see where I transferred my the dates things were signed off, then check-listed everything thereafter. No leader signatures, so I think everything was “signed off” in my little book. The only thing that didn’t get a signature/initials, I think, was a BoR. My committee was strictly handshake.

Having that registration card in your wallet was a big deal. That got you the discount at the men’s store where you would buy your uniform and pocket knives.


So, one last question on this thread. Do you print / receive cards still for your units? I assume the days of discounts are gone. Our scouts didn’t seem interested. I wonder, though, if some would put it in the wallet (the ones that have wallets) and see value in it.

I don’t think we did this year.
Maybe, to compensate for increased fees, BSA could issue something better … like serialized challenge coins.

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I love the idea of “some honey with the vinegar”. We increased the fees, because we needed to, but you will also see these benefits…

It’s been a couple of years since we printed them for everyone in the Troop. Nobody has expressed any interest in having them, nor concern about NOT having them.

Do your scouts get a thrill getting a membership card? I did back in the day. I still have mine, stored with my memorabilia.

Would receiving a membership card help scouts feel like they belong to the group, rather than they just attend the group?

Adults generally don’t care. They have belonged to groups before. But this is new to most of the youth.

Maybe some of them do. I’ve seen more than a few forgotten in the meeting room the night we handed them out, thought.

Well, back in the day being a card-carrying whatever was used as a political slur!
Also, back in the day, you kept your medical form with you in your wallet. (Yes, they folded down to that size!)
Now, many scouts don’t even carry wallets.

As long as we’re talking crazy: BSA could consider a durable “credit card” that would integrate a few things like med form, cyberchip, totin-chip, camp wifi access, parental tracking, access to electronic pamphlets from the troop library, etc … rechartering would involve swapping out a SIM into an updated card. (Each year’s card would come with targeted marketing that would activate discounts based on the years of service encoded in the SIM – thus how they would be affordable.)

And that’s not even next-level crazy.

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