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Unique Charters for units

Looked for the right Category so I choose ScoutsBSA as you have seen packs too.

So My units have a unique Charter Org - A University - Baylor in Fact. I want to hear of others - so do not post if it is a church, or PTA, or VFW. We want the ones that make readers go REALLY? Like there was an Ice Cream Parlor in Longhorn that had a Pack a few years ago - how did they stay in business?

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The local Dr. pepper bottling plant chartered our troop for 25 years till the manager retired and they had to switch to a moose lodge.

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If you put 64015 and look at coed packs you’ll find one charted under the name of a dentist. Another one on the same search is a group that was formed to maintain a historic area and trail as a park.

We’re going to see a lot more of this. Church membership dropped below 50% nationwide in the past year.

I’ve already had one church charter org shut down on us over declining membership.

The main requirement is going to be space to meet and some storage and who it is won’t really matter.

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