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Unit advancement report to local council

Steve - from the PO there is a line for the advancement report once that is generated it will spawn a child window and within that there should be an option to print. In my case it opens in a chrome window and if I hover near the top of the for a toolbar shows up with a print option. I can also right click on it and it provides a print option.

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See the Report to Bring to Scout Shop video

Can someone confirm for me, is this report only necessary for purchasing items at the Scout Store and not something that I am submitting to the council office to finalize advancement?

I am a new Scoutmaster and I just want to confirm that I’m not messing with my scouts advancement because I am not submitting the form to the council office. I really thought Scoutbook was the way to confirm advancement, but then I keep seeing posts that say an advancement report is still needed.

Is Scoutbook sufficient for rank advancement and the report is just for purchasing?

If it also needs to be submitted to the council, who at the council needs to receive this report?

Angela - if the scouts are in advancement sync, then that data is already in the system as scoutbook is and will be that system. Now the advancement report is what is needed to purchase rank items. Most often you are dealing with store employees who may or may not know that thee data is in the system and beyond that the guide to advancement has them looking for that report.

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Talk to your local council about what they want. Most just want the report in order to purchase advancements at the Scout shop.

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The advancement report within Scoutbook is only to prove to the scoutshop that you’ve already entered it into Scoutbook in order to purchase restricted items. Some allow you to show it electronically. Others may still require a paper copy.

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Thanks! This is what I thought. I appreciate the confirmation!

Angela, this seems to be a common issue and it depends on your Council and Scout shop.
For our Council and Scout shop, the procedure is:

  1. Enter awards, ranks etc in Scoutbook.
  2. Add them to a new PO.
  3. Award them
  4. Print purchase order (not turned in just for buying items at shop)
  5. On the PO page print the ‘advancement report’ and have 3 people sign it. Retarded I know. And in the date box we put “various”.
    Note: I print 2-3 of the advancement report because if one scout shop runs out a of an item they take my report and when I go to the other scout shop they want the report also!

Yes, the whole thing is very dumb being that we are entering everything on Scoutbook and its all recorded and still have to print out the report even though council has it on their screen.


Steve, why do you do step 3 prior to purchasing the awards?

Steve, that’s horrific. Not only do you have to print it out, but get others to sign it? Why in the world?
I’d raise this as an issue with council management, and to national if they seem unresponsive.
It is 2019; Scoutbook automatically syncs, and being paperless is part of Leave No Trace.

Award them, as marking them awarded not physically awarding them. If I don’t mark them awarded at this time I will have to come back again, which I don’t want to see Scoutbook the least possible, and then mark them as awarded.
Otherwise when I look at my Scouts in the future I will see some show not awarded, not not given out, which then they could be seen as the Scout did not receive his award. Sometimes we input things late or find a MB card that was missed maybe. When inputting say today, I mark it when he earned it and that could be 6 months ago. By awarding when I go buy them I’ve reset it everything so anything non-awarded must need attention.

See my disclaimer, that’s how I was asked to submit it at our Council. Your’s could differ. But I 100% agree with you.

I would generally recommend against marking things awarded that haven’t actually been awarded. It’s just bad practice and can make things harder to track done if there is a disagreement about what was actually awarded.

@SteveMcGuffey This isn’t so much aimed at you if you are comfortable doing that but all the other users who may read this in the future.

That is fine too do. BUT. If you add to a PO, print advancement report and then go buy all the awards but say Scout Mikey does not show up to the COH to take hold of his award as you are recommending you will mark everyone ‘awarded’ except him. Now you hold that purchased award in your possession until the next court of honor and you will now need to reconcile your ‘needs to award’ report with your ‘purchasing report’ and make sure you placed that already purchased award in a safe place that you will remember about.

Under your recommendation an advancement person has to touch Scoutbook 3 times minimum, and mine just once.

Under my recommendation, you have a way to remember that said scout was not at the COH.

Maybe I should change my methods.
Can you please go step by step on how you would manage it please. Start from entering badges, purchasing, COH, missing scout. Thank you.

It depends on how you want to track things.

Some units will mark items as Awarded as soon as the item (patch, pin, etc.) is presented to the Scout (usually once a month or so).

Other units like to wait until after a court of honor and only mark items as Awarded if the Scout was present at the COH. This way they can make sure that the Scout is formally recognized.

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My council requires the advancement report be turned in when purchasing restricted awards (ranks, merit badges, etc.) but only requires the signature of a single leader. They have recognized BORs often happen on different days with different people so signatures are not practical.

My unit awards the patches at a COH. If a Scout is not present, the patch is awarded the next time the advancement chair sees the Scout. We do not wait until the next COH.

Awards are not marked Awarded until the Scout has the award in hand. Since Scoutbook will not put an award on a Purchase Order more than once, there is no danger of purchasing an award twice.