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Unit advancement report to local council

Maybe I should change my methods.
Can you please go step by step on how you would manage it please. Start from entering badges, purchasing, COH, missing scout. Thank you.

It depends on how you want to track things.

Some units will mark items as Awarded as soon as the item (patch, pin, etc.) is presented to the Scout (usually once a month or so).

Other units like to wait until after a court of honor and only mark items as Awarded if the Scout was present at the COH. This way they can make sure that the Scout is formally recognized.

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My council requires the advancement report be turned in when purchasing restricted awards (ranks, merit badges, etc.) but only requires the signature of a single leader. They have recognized BORs often happen on different days with different people so signatures are not practical.

My unit awards the patches at a COH. If a Scout is not present, the patch is awarded the next time the advancement chair sees the Scout. We do not wait until the next COH.

Awards are not marked Awarded until the Scout has the award in hand. Since Scoutbook will not put an award on a Purchase Order more than once, there is no danger of purchasing an award twice.