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Unit College Scouter Reserve and JTE

We meet in a small college town and may have three young men helping out from time to time under the Unit College Scouter Reserve. The question I have is how do we count them on the JTE worksheet? Numbers 10 and 11 ask for the number of assistant scoutmasters and committee members. I do know that the only training they need to take is YPT.
Thank you.

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Unit Scouter Reserve and Unit College Scouter Reserve are not ASMs or Committee Members. They are not included as part of JTE.

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Thank you that is what I thought. I do know we will need to pay for them when we recharter next year.

Thanks again.



Alpha Phi Omega

For your unit college scouter reserve adult members joining or starting an Alpha Phi Omega chapter at their college may also be an option for additional service.

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@Bill_W, that is what I did. My 2nd year a fellow Eagle asked me to help reactivate an APO Chapter. Once of the best decisions I made in college. All of my college friends that I still keep in touch with were part of that Chapter.

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