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Hello all,
When we were cleaning out and reorganizing the shared troop/sponsor storage room we came across some old unit flags that somehow ended up in our possession - they are units that are no longer active. Please do not ask me how these ended up in our storage space as I have no idea. Can the lettering be removed and replaced with a different unit number and if so who do I contact to get this done? The Scouts BSA Girls Unit is in need of a Unit Flag and if this can be done would be a great way to save them some money.

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Technically, those should be held by the chartered org or the council in case they decide to start back up again some day.

I suspect it’d be tough to modify them and look good. The one flags are all printed.

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You can get a custom unit flag made for your new Girls Unit… for a small one, costs about $42. This will look much nicer than modifying an old one. My troop did this a couple years ago when our chartered organization folded and we moved to a new one.


Technically, it is the chartered organization’s property for the purposes of scouting. I don’t think it applies to the purposes of maintaining a specific unit. Keep in mind that it’s the CO’s good name that gets paraded about on that flag. If they think it’s a good idea to resurrect an old flag with new numbers support them.
A local tailor or seamstress could tell you if it’s even possible and could do the job.

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Having the Chartered Org’s name on a flag is not required.

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I believe @Qwazse is speaking figuratively in this case, although I have noticed that a lot of units do have the CO’s name on their unit flags.

Honestly, my experience with old flags has been that changing unit numbers results in a flag that has odd colored patches where the fading of the flag is contrasted against recently-uncovered background fabric.


I was just guessing based on the original post intending that the previous numbers be “replaced with a different unit number”. But, I guess “lettering removed” could also intend to mean removing any old CO’s name, which I think would be nearly impossible as the the fabric under that lettering would not have faded!

So, if it’s a simple job, and a local tailor or seamstress will accept $40 for swapping in some new numbers, I’d say go for it. The colors won’t match exactly, but it would be nostalgic. Otherwise, for anything more complicated, ordering a new printed flag sounds like it would be the way to go.

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Lettering Unit Flags

The standard format that must be followed does not permit variations in the location of the lettering on the flag.

Top half of flag:

• Type of unit (pack, troop, crew, or ship)
• Unit number (such as No. 10 or just the numeral 10)
• Chartered organization (if desired)

Lower half of flag:

• Location (town, community, school district, etc.)
• State (usually abbreviated)
• Council (if desired)

Units in other countries.

Unit flags may be lettered with the name of the country appearing after the name of the community.


per “Flags” in Guide to Awards and Insignia, 33066, ISBN 978-0-8395-3066-4, ©2018 Boy Scouts of America. 2018 Printing

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It does not sound like @JohnBurnham is intending to change the placement of the letters. Just replace/rearrange outdated numbers.

It’s interesting that that section does not specify the font of the letters. Clearly size variation is permissible. I guess since most flags are ordered from the Scout Shop, that their licensees would probably follow guidelines similar to the ones for digital media (

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The flag in question is an older cloth flag and it looks like someone in the past tried to remove the letters some threads are still on the day and the letter 4 is still on the flag

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