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Unit Participant (UP) - Youth member registration code effective 1 Aug 2019

According to my council registrar a new registration position code, apparently for young adults continuing beyond age 18 with an extension, became effective in the MyBSA membership registration system on 1 August 2019.

  • Unit Participant (UP)

I have not seen an official release. But I believe it is related to:

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Notification will be coming from the national registrar soon with more details.

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Will this classification also apply to those who have an Extension beyond the age of eligibility?

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We do not know yet. We are waiting on an official notice or Scouting magazine article

In Fall 2017 information on Internet Rechartering changes were released on September 1st.

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It will apply to all who are over 18 but for whatever reason, are still participating in program as a youth. There is an exemption for those who are mentally not able to complete/comprehend the training, etc.

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I have one Scout who has been approved for an extension beyond the eligible age and don’t see anything different on his account.

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A starting place information for Scouts with special needs is the Scouts BSA at Disabilities Awareness – Serving Scouts With Disabilities.

This web page is under review (and needs to be gender updated as of August 18, 2019.).

Posted: 2019-08-17.

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Are you referring to my.Scouting tools or Scoutbook?

Are you referring to a Scoutbook account?

This change is so new, I suspect it is going to take BSA some time to change tools and reports including Member Manager, Scoutbook, and Internet Rechartering (coming on 1 September 2019?).

You can contact your council registrar to ask how the Scout is currently registered in the BSA membership database…

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He is simply listed as a Scout in their records.

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I have not seen a definition of Unit Participant (UP) yet.

Registration Guidebook, July 2019


Adult program participant. An adult program participant is any person 18 but not yet 21 years of age who registers to participate in a program in which youth members also participate; obligates himself or herself to regularly attend the meetings; fulfills a member’s obligation to the unit; subscribes to the Scout Oath; and participates in an approved program based on the current guide-lines of the Boy Scouts of America. Adult program participants are subject to the same guidelines as adult Scouters when required by policies and guidelines.

Youth Application Requirements (p. 22, extract)

The official youth application, paper or online, is always required for registering a new youth.


18 years of age or older who are participating in a youth program, must complete the official adult application including the CBC authorization form, and must complete Youth Protection training.

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We are looking for the same official notice from The BSA.

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Eagle Scout Extension Registration

This is done online by the unit key-3 and possibly the unit membership chair. For steps see:

There is a time limit on this extension.

Special Scout Registration and Adult Extension

Requires a paper application and additional documentation for first Special Scout registration. There is usually no time limit on this extension.

UP position code - my comments

I assume this new position code is part of the ScoutNet to Akela (Ah-KAY-la) conversion. The code first needed to be defined in the database before it could be coded in new and updated software. I suspect having a membership position-code will make programming and report generation easier.

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I am hoping to see something released at the same time the Fall 2019 internet rechartering information is released.

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