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Unit roster from MyScouting

Is there a way to print the unit roster from the MyScouting website? I can not get it to print out correctly.
I know I can print one off from Scoutbook but I need this report to list only the adults YPT dates and not all of the training that they have taken. I also know this is report is on Scoutbook 2.0, Can I print it from that site as long as I do not enter any unit advancement information in Scoutbook 2.0? Thank you.

Well in My.Scouting you can go to unit and Training Manager > Go to Right Side (YPT) and get the YPT Aging report - I think that will have everything you need and should be the most accurate as it is the source for training

If you click on search training while in training manager, then select all you can then get an abstract of all training by selected leaders.

Have you looked at the YPT Aging Report in the MyScouting training manager? Lists adults with position, contact info, YPT expiration date, etc. Can be exported to a .CSV file to sort or filter further.

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