Unit Roster - works 1/2 the time on iPhone, nearly never on Windows

Random observation. I have not been able to get my unit roster (69 cubs, 25 adults) to work on Windows. This is on multiple networks tested on 2 different machines.

About 1/2 of the time, though, I can get it to work on my iPhone. Critical when having to assign adults to a particular den.

I noticed this morning that our unit roster page is really slow on Chrome in Windows - we have 26 scouts and 22 leaders. It’s noticeably slower than the last time I was in Scoutbook. So given the size of your unit, it might time out before it loads.

Winter weather affecting networks in northern part of the “48 state”? Storm in part of New York state had almost 6 feet of snowfall.

Dry and windy conditions (fire reg flag warning) continue in lower southwest states.


For sure, we have 69 cubs and about 30 adults. It seems to be faster on the phone then the PC.

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