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Unit Training Chair responsibilities

I’m just curious what everyone’s thoughts are regarding responsibilities of the Unit Training Chair.

Scenario: our troop is going on a campout. The Unit Training Chair has tasked the adult campmaster with the responsibility of making sure that all participating adults have their appropriate YPT, hazardous weather, etc… turned in.

While in the spirit of scouting, I do believe some responsibility is shared to an extent, but ultimately I feel as if the Unit Training Chair is accountable to this, not the campmaster. In other words, the campmaster should not be sending out multiple reminders and having to follow up with adults at the last-minute, it should be the Training Chair. Thoughts?

I agree with that assessment. The committee chair has delegated the responsibility of training for the troop to the training chair. It does not make sense for them to then delegate it to somebody else. The training chair should always be making sure the adult leaders YPT is current, and should not wait for a campout to do so.

Availablity of volunteers

Some units have more volunteers than others. So who does what may vary.


Troop Committee Guidebook

Administration of Training

These resources are designed to assist training teams that administer training in a unit, council, area, or region.

Boy Scouts of America Icon Cub Scouts Icon Boy Scouts Icon Venturing Icon Sea Scout IconGuide to Leader Training

This new guide (2018) outlines the basic responsibilities for volunteer leader training committees and the methods of BSA volunteer training. To be sure that information is up-to-date, the guide does not include the forms and other resources that are more easily available, and more current, via Scouting . org The training pages of Scouting . org (https://www.scouting.org/training/.) will help you find the current resources, forms, and courses available—as well as the latest in BSA training.

GLT also includes training role for Cub Scouting Pack Trainer (Mentor).


I am confused. Is not at troop campout run by the Scouts? What is is role of a troop “adult campmaster”?

Who is responsible for signing up who is going on the campout (or tour)?

My understanding is that the troop committee supports the program run by the Scouts under the Scoutmaster.

This should be a team effort.

The Unit Training Chair keeps records for who has done which training, and reminds folks to do their training and stay current on their training. The UTC should provide copies of training certificates as needed to the Adult Campmaster. However, when adults don’t do their training after he reminds them, the issue escalates to the Key3 for remedy.

The Adult Campmaster is organizing as event where adults are required to have proof of completing the appropriate training to be allowed to attend. The Campmaster must tell the adults they are responsible for to get their training done or they may not attend. As necessary, issues may be escalated to the Key3.

As a Pack Trainer, I track training for the adults in our pack. Registered leaders must do their training. I remind them and promote online and in-person opportunities. However, when an adult wants to attend camp, they have to provide proof of training to the camp organizers (whether the organizer is part of the pack or not). I assist adults in printing their documents, but I do not hound them at the last minute to get it done. Bottom line, the adult is responsible for doing their training and providing proof thereof; the event organizer is responsible to require proof. The UTC is just a facilitator.

What is a campmaster? These YPT training and hazardous weather training concerns seem to be oddly tied to the campout. They need to be in place to a) be considered a registered leader and b) done by those irregardless of a campout.


I realize that “campmaster” is not an officially recognized position, perhaps? For us, it’s essentially the adult who’s on-point for a particular campout. They handle the administrative side of a campout, like reserving/paying camping fees, permission slips, medical forms, transportation, etc… They also are the go-to adult to facilitate that the scouts are not missing any critical preparations. In some instances, it could be an ASM who runs the new-scout program independent from the rest of the troop.

Yeah, I should have clarified. Dads are attending that are not officially registered leaders, so our UTC has asked the “campmaster”, or registered leader in charge of the event, to ensure that all dads attending complete their training.

That is beyond the scope of what is required. If the UTC wants them trained then it needs to come from the key 3 that all adults attending camping must be YPT trained. This should not be filtered through the campmaster. Again he is the administrative lead for the campout and if this is what is required for the troop this should be communicated by the troop Key 3 ahead of time.

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