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The UMC has just advised ALL UMC churches to not recharter their BSA troops after Dec. 31, 2021. How are we supposed to recharter, and with whom?

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I would suggest that you work through your council office. Your Scout Executive is a good place to start.


Before lots of people start panicking, I suspect this is regional guidance and not national guidance… unless the OP knows otherwise.

Yeah am curious on documentation on this please


This was the only thing I have found thus far

our DE met with our Methodist Pastor and we are good to go for next year. in fact, they supported us in expanding to a Venture Crew. this Methodist chuch also runs the local girl scout troop. good working relationships maybe more important than ever going forward!

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Legally separate

I am not a lawyer, however my observation is the following are legally separate (e.g. for tax purposes):

BSA restructuring

News dateline

Our Conference, the Baltimore-Washington Conference, sent information out to their churches offering these three options.

“1. Agree to extend an expiring charter through December 31, rather than renew that charter;
2. Place an expiring charter with a facilities use agreement that expires on December 31; or
3. Terminate an existing charter and replace it with a facilities use agreement that expires on December 31. All of those options allow more time to see how the bankruptcy will impact United Methodist congregations.”

This came from the United Methodist Communications Office of Public Information in Nashville and was distributed through our Conference newsletter. We’re working with our SE and Pastors to figure it all out.

Each unit a separate non-profit organization?

In Alpha Phi Omega, I understand that the chapters (units) in the United States of America and its territories are separate non-profit organizations unless they are “under the umbrella” of another non-profit organization.

How do we move forward?

I am a Committee Member for a troop that is also in the area adversely impacted by the Baltimore-Washington UMC Conference guidance on rechartering. Our charter organization has just installed a new pastor who is understandingly reluctant to recharter our troop at this time. Our Committee Chair has notified our district rechartering POC about the situation. I am saddened to see that BSA leadership has not sufficiently honored its promise to shield charter organizations from liability related to the settlement of the various sexual abuse lawsuits and bankruptcy protection filing. As word of UMC’s stance on rechartering becomes more universally known, it would not be surprising that other charter organization’s may reconsider their connection with BSA. For those participants at the local level, it is frustrating to witness the deterioration of decades long charter organization relationships due to factors over which we have little to no control. We would like to have our 60+ year tenure with our UMC congregation not end so abruptly.


I suggest,

How will taking a 30 minute online course reverse the United Methodist Church’s directive?

To your earlier comments under Legally Separate I suggest you do some additional reading. Under the not yet finalized settlement agreement BSA Councils will be assessed some pro rata share. It was announced August 24, 2021 that Lake Erie Council will be contributing $6.5 million to the National Trust for Survivors. It would certainly be prudent of charter organizations to be concerned as public reports of settlement negotiations indicate absolute protections for charter organizations are not stipulated.


This stance is not limited to the OP’s area. I’m in NY (north of Albany) and two troops near me that are chartered by the UMC have just been told they will no longer be chartered by the church. This is a very longstanding relationship and I don’t know what the troops will do.

There are a decent number of units in my Council that are chartered by the UMC and I can’t imagine the uncertainty that the units and the Council is facing right now over how to deal with a sizeable number of units that might now need charter organizations.

My worry is that this isn’t going to stay limited to just units chartered by the UMC. What happens when other charter organizations decide they too are going to refuse to sponsor units?

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This is from the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), our Charter Organization.

As I read it, they are letting individual church’s make the decision.

@CM32 - that doc is not about recharter, but rather posting a claim by the 16 November 2020 deadline.

#9. Should we end our relationship with the Boy Scouts of America?
The decision to continue or end your congregation’s relationship with the Boy Scouts should be
made with the protection and well-being of children as your primary focus.

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@CM32 - ah gotcha… perhaps they may issue more current guidance.

I hope the issue with the UMC does not create a domino effect and other churches rethink their position. Our current pastor is very supportive of our Troop. Unfortunately, he is retiring very soon.

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I recommend anybody that may be losing their charter organization due to this to contact their local veterans organization. They may pick up when churches are not willing or able to.