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“POLICIES OF GIRL SCOUTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” (GSUSA), may be found (pages 19ff) in the BLUE BOOK OF BASIC DOCUMENTS 2021, © 2021 Girl Scouts of the United States of America, All rights reserved. Electronic edition published 2021. https://www.girlscouts.org/content/dam/girlscouts-gsusa/forms-and-documents/about-girl-scouts/facts/GSUSA_BlueBook.pdf


@CM32 - Yes, “chartered” is not exactly the right word, at least not in the BSA sense. A Girl Scout troop is more appropriately described as a part of its council. It doesn’t have anything resembling an independent existence.

@Bill_W - They are not talking about chartering in the way a BSA unit is chartered. What they mean is a religious group that is supporting a Girl Scout troop by providing a meeting place, adult leadership and perhaps even funds. Such a sponsoring religious group may not insist that the girls in the troop take part in any religious observances.

In reality, Girl Scout troops rarely need financial support, because it is so easy to raise money through the cookie and fall product sales. The registration fee is only $25 per year, and the troop often has enough money to pay for that and the uniform as well as all program costs.

Some older-girl troops may need to raise money, if they want to take an ambitious trip. For instance, a Trailblazer troop in my service unit is planning to go to Switzerland. Also, some older gilrs may need to raise money to participate in nationally-sponsored Girl Scout Destinations. Some of these are affordable. But there is one next summer called Cuisine & Culture of Northern Italy that costs $4,900. Usually, girls sign up for Destinations individually and not as a troop.

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These solutions are on a council by council, unit by unit, church by church basis. No solutions will be found here beyond what has been mentioned.

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We are the largest Troop in Burbank, CA with 85+ Youth (boys and girls). Our United Methodist Church is following the directive of the National UMC leadership and Regional Bishop and will not re-charter us after 12/31/2021. We started reaching out to other potential charter orgs last night. Finding the right charter org is complicated by our storage needs: Camping gear for up to 8 patrols. At least they are willing to let us go with our Troop #, funds and gear. Not how I wanted to end my tenure as the committee chair.

It seems that the national leadership also gave the options of a space use agreement. Your local church wasn’t interested in that more limited agreement?

At one point our unit looked into purchasing a small trailer or kit shed that could be dismantled and moved as storage options. Our thinking was that we would find a unit member willing to store the trailer or shed for a year or two at a time and move it around as needed. There were some obvious issues so thankfully we ultimately found space but we could have made it work as a last recourse.