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Updated MB Reqs Release

Does anyone know when/if the BSA will be releasing updated Requirements for 2022?

If I had to guess I would say … 2042

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You might (or might not) be able to get a response from advancement.team@scouting.org. They may be more willing to answer if changes are coming, rather than exactly when they’ll be released.

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My understanding is that merit badge requirements are updated individually. I suspect review of requirements are done periodically by the national advancement team and the authors and editors of the MB pamphlets.


They do seem to update some MBs each year. If you go to the link in the post above you can see that some were updated for 2021.

While it is interesting to wonder that the new year will bring, it shouldn’t hold a Scout back.

“If a Scout has already started working on a merit badge when a new edition of the pamphlet is introduced, they may continue to use the same pamphlet and fulfill the requirements therein to earn the badge. They need not start over again with the new pamphlet and revised requirements.”

Only issue is that language is like 25 years old, written before they stopped doing a new pamphlet when requirements changed, they even do reprints with old requirements now without changing. But yes, a scout can continue a Merit Badge already started without moving to new requirements, unless it is specifically announced. Every year 20-25% of Merit Badges are reviewed for changes.

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