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Updating E-mail on a pending account

How do we fix this? From one of our Troops:

"Joe Scout is coming over from another Troop (and I think a different council out of state). They also used SCOUTBOOK.***
***He apparently submitted an application to Angie, who submitted it to council. Per images below, he is now showing up in our T100 SCOUTBOOK as Pending, but when I went to invite him, I noticed the unusual email address, ( so I tried to update his profile with his current email ( however I got the error message shown in the second image enclosed. ***

Thoughts? Is there something I can do to “resolve the stalemate”? If not me then you?

I can’t figure how to get a screen print in here but his second screen print displays the error message “This e-mail address already exists under another account.”

So… resolution please?

Updated to remove Scout’s name and e-mail address. Ed D’Avignon

You need to send an e-mail to with his e-mail address, your unit and council. Ask them to merge the duplicate accounts and make sure he is assigned to your unit.

Hi, @SusanBarton,

Regarding a solution for transferring a scout, there is a transfer tool now available to unit admins under

My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster, then scroll all the way to the bottom:

That might get his other account brought into the troop. Then, you will need to email to have the new account and the old account merged, and to indicate which information should be retained (e.g. BSA ID number from current council, email address, etc).

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I edited the original post to remove the PII.

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I have the same issue with a new Den leader. I emailed the support email 9 days ago, the only response I got was the automated confirmation that they received my request. Problem has not been fixed - I emailed support a couple of more times to see if there is an update to my issue, but I have not gotten any responses.

Scoutbook support is still very backlogged.

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