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Updating Scout Book Merit Badges

I just started what I am finding to be a huge project. Our scouts merit badges are not recorded in scout book and it is way behind.

Question: I entered the first merit badge. It shows that I signed off on the merit badge. The merit badge that the council or counselor entered is signed off by the counselor.

Does the counselor need to go into each of the merit badges earned and sign off on them?

Merit Badge Question

@PatrickPloenzke - actually no the MBC does not have to be a part of the entry. If you were just using the old Internet Advancement system, all you would do was mark that final date completed and submit. So long as you hen the completed sign off by the MBC, enter the date done and that is it.

Are you using Quick Entry?

From the troop or patrol pages:

Quick Entry -> Enter Merit Badges

You might find it faster.

As long as the counselor has signed off on the blue card (physical or in Scoutbook), you do not need them to go into Scoutbook and sign them off there.

You know I would have gotten away with my response if it were not for these meddling kids… :slight_smile:

But yes Jen makes a great point that if you have a lot of entry you will find quick entry to be your best friend.

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