Upload File in Internet Advancement

I have nearly 200 merit badges to enter into Internet Advancement. Is there a method to convert my Excel file into the proper TXT format for importing?

None I know of. Where did excel file come from?

The Excel file is something I made for capturing all of the merit badges earned for our upcoming court of honor. I can save it in any format necessary I just need to know the schema for the import txt file.

import_497wrongname copy.txt (294 Bytes)

Here is the format - yours will likely fail as everything has to be exact

I’m the Advancement Chair for a Troop of 136 Scouts.

My advice for you is to start using either IA2 or Scoutbook software to track your Unit’s advancement during and after each and every meeting. The roster of Scouts is already loaded in both, so get to it.

With either, you can still wait to run quarterly reports for Council’s hard copy as you go to purchase awards.

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