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Upload to IA2

I’m the current Advancement Chair for my troop (taking over for a previous chair that didn’t really do much) and was wondering if anyone had the format of the txt file to upload into IA2? I use Scoutbook but don’t really care for the way it has you input a bunch of data at once, a simple csv import feature would be great for this.

Thank you for your time.
Jay Dawson

the TXT file cannot be user generated

any specific reason why not? as I said previously I’ve got several scouts that have had nothing entered into scoutbook for scout-life and having to add the dates manually is going to be very painful :frowning:

well not every requirement has to be entered - you can just put the final date by clicking the box by Percent complete

It is too easy to have a typo that the system will not know with user generation

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Very true. So when you just enter the final date and they go up for an Eagle BoR that’ll be sufficient?

If your District is following the GTA then yes

IMO The main reason is support costs. If the BSA only work directly with a couple venders, it’s a lot cheaper than opening it to the whole world.

You can also use

Quick Entry -> Enter Merit Badges

It might be quicker than going through each Scout’s Advancement page.

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Like I said I understand that but if you had a template that people could download that has the individual headers that Scoutbook and IA2 use for the import process we would be able to take that info and at mass upload older files from the Scout’s individual books. Yes I understand that at the end of the day if it is marked completed and has the date listed in the book it is “finished” but I have some parents that are OCD and if it’s not complete it’s not “complete” so I was just curious.

True but that works great on Merit Badges but on Rank Advancement it’s a bit more of a beast. You’ll have 3 sign-off’s from one date for tenderfoot, second class, and first class but the rest of each rank are separate dates, which makes entering them kind of a pain.

Honestly, I would set those parents to entering the records through the Scoutbook interface. Parents and scouts can mark them “Complete”. Then, you/your designee could review them and, if they’re correct, mark them “Leader Approved” and “Awarded” (where appropriate) in the Scoutbook interface.

Have the parents send/upload photos of the signatures in the handbooks for backcheck, and gather some adult leaders to do the heavy lifting if it’s a big-enough issue for the unit.


Also true, if I trusted them :slight_smile:

I’m not following what you’re saying. For Tenderfoot-First Class ranks, there is only 1 sign off for each rank. Just click on the Percent Completed box and enter the date of the Board of Review for that rank and check the boxes next to Approved and Awarded (as applicable).

For Star-Eagle you will want to enter the merit badges first.

This is what I’m talking about. Like I said, I know it’s completed if it has the date marked off (and yes i’m being a bit pedantic) but for someone that is using this to recover a book that got destroyed during a campout how do they fill out the dates if they don’t have any?

If that is your goal, then encourage Scouts / parents enter the individual requirement dates. Assign an ASM to work with each patrol, and the ASM can check the dates against the handbooks and mark Approved.


For ranks - have the scouts enter their own completions. The unit can then approve them all in one place on the Needs Approval report.

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@JamesDawson1 - while I understand what your goal is I would honestly think about the process to get there. If you were looking at the old internet advancement you would only get the final dates for rank, awards and merit badges. The same hold true today with IA2. If the scout passed the rank BoR then that is it. I could care less when he learned how to tie a square not in 2015 or planned a meal… Once earned, approved and awarded that is it. Admittedly it is cool to see that all was done but even with my own son, not everything is marked off in scoutbook much as I would like that.

Yeah, my thoughts from an IT standpoint (Tech for over 20 years) is having a txt file format template that allows you to input scout name, scout #, rank #, and date wouldn’t be very difficult to program. For those Completionists out there :smiley:

@JamesDawson1, I hear you but at the same time I have had to fix enough issues over the years in different systems from people screwing up formatting that I absolutely get why its not available for manual use. I am sure you and a decent number of other data oriented folks are as OCD as I am on things like this, but even a small number who are not (and I have to belive it’s the majority of folks who are not…) would cause so much database havoc it could be overwhelming in short order.

Scouts or parents can mark things complete, but not sign them off. They can also enter notes and upload JPEGs of requirements, blue cards, etc to add documentation. An authorized leader still has to go through and sign everything off/accept it, which can be done bulk.


I use a third party system and so export the TXT files to upload into IA2.0 and have taken a look at it. They did not use the typical Rank = Scout everything is a number code. While a system would have no issues mapping that code into a field for their export it would be a ton of work to do it manually even if BSA shared the mapping file publicly, which they do not.
Type as far as I have seen are rank, meritbadge, adventure (Cubs), or award, perhaps there could be others for Venture or Sea Scouts, AdvancementID is a number.