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URGENT please - Scout not in re-charter that has now had a new BSA number created instead of "reactivating" old BSA number

When doing the re-chartering, one scout was mistakenly left out. When correcting the error a new application was sent in and so a new BSA number created rather than re-instating/re-activating old BSA number and Scoutbook account. I can see from my Connections that his “old BSA Scoutbook” profile is still in the system. What to do? Helpdesk just informed me that both BSA IDs have been linked in Scoutnet but only the new BSA number appears there. My concern is that all activities records (camping, hiking, etc) will be lost. Please please help me…

Council needs to merge the BSA #s and make old one primary probably. Does the new one have any advancements?

no records at all in new one.

How can council do this? Do you have a step by step process that can be shared with them?

Councils know how to merge or maybe in this case delete BSA #s

Council has said that they have merged both BSA numbers in Scoutnet, but now only the new BSA number appears in Scoutnet and asks to wait for system overnight sync to show in Scoutbook. My concern is that the activities data (camp nights, hiking miles, etc) will be lost?

did they say which Number would remain? the old or the new one? If it is the old one it should be fine. Know after 4pm CST that is next sync

Not sure but I think council meant new one? They Replied: all of scout’s records and ranks show in scoutnet under the new number. Since I was in the system, I remerged his two member ID numbers/ He only shows as having one account in Scoutbook so I can’t merge any old account numbers there. After the system syncs overnight, look at his Scoutbook record again.

@GigiKarschies If you want to post the BSA member number (no names), we can take a look.

Pull a Scouts History Report on both accounts for record keeping also

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old profile ( BSA 132621893)
new one (BSA 137246658)

new one they registered him in Charter as an ASM??? and name is spelled different

Scout has a long name, but as you can see from mom’s name and email it is the same scout.

It’s not so much that it’s a long name, it’s that it’s spelled differently from the other BSA number, and that can cause issues.

When a name is spelled differently, the automated sync process thinks that it’s a different person.

Can the old profile just be reactivated?

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

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My council certainly does not. I just had them try and do this same thing. They reactivated the old account… and now I just have a blank duplicate sitting out there

I really miss the old support people.

@JeremyCastleberry The duplicate Scoutbook account for Scout R.M. has been deleted.

Mrs Olinger you are AWESOME.

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