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US Flag Code and Flag Ceremonies

Please keep your personal opinions to yourself. Some people personally think that those who wish to stiffle free speech need to move to a different country so your thoughts are inappropriate to share.

Again please keep your debates about patriotism to yourself. This is a place to discuss scouting not the first ammendment.

No, we do not all agree that thaking a knee violates the flag code but stiffeling first ammendment expression of free speech violates the conatitution. Please keep your political opinions to yourself. This is a place to discuss scoutung, not your politics

I agree with @Bill_W that this should probably be branched off so that the original intent of the topic isn’t hijacked into the direction that the current discussion is headed.

Jumping on the OT train:
With respect to all those offering opinions, I don’t see how we can discuss scouting without discussing opinions on faith, what does and doesn’t comport with various rules/laws, or a hundred other hot-button topics. I’m not even sure we can do so without at least peripherally touching on what may fall under the heading of politics from some viewpoints (e.g. civics, how to discuss citizenship with our youth). I recognize that the BSA has likely established specific guidelines on what are and aren’t acceptable topics of discussion on these fora, although I’ll admit I can’t immediately find such a document.

It seems to me that a large part of Scouting is teaching our youth to think (not what to think) about these difficult topics, how to have these difficult discussions, and to do so respectfully and come away without vilifying either side when we disagree. If we as leaders can’t do so respectfully – no matter how violently we may disagree on the substance of our opinions – how are we to teach our youth to do so?

*ETA: Corrected verb/object agreement. “Grammar! My other arch nemesis…” [with apologies to Matt Groening]