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User Login Problems

I’m having another login problem with our Troop Com Chairman. He’s tried all of the browser refresh, tricks, etc. Could someone from the support group look at his account on the back end for me? Many thanks.

@GoodloeWhite What is his BSA member number?

Actually, on our charter it is 12572564. In scout book it is 12572564 as well.

@GoodloeWhite Please have him try logging in again to Scoutbook with his my.scouting username and password.

please do not post names or emails - you would not someone putting your email on a national forum

Sorry – I thought I had gotten to a private channel. I deleted. BSA Ids are ok to post?

BSA # are fine yes - no PII there

Could you help with this account: 130900697. I can’t link the scout to the parent with the same name.

What is the Scouts BSA number - we cannot help without all the info - thanks

OH I see the Father is already connected to the Scout - go to the Scout > Connections > find the fathers connection as Cubmaster > click it > then add the parent box

Done … thank you very much!

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