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Using Google For NonProfit


Our troop is interested in signing up to use Google Non-profits. Did any other troops do this? For troops that did sign up, what do we need to set up our troop?

Where would we get the nonprofit ID? From our local council?

If your chartered organization is a non-profit, you should be using theirs. If not, you may not qualify.

We are looking use this for our troop as well. We are chartered to a Catholic church. It appears you have to obtain a “validation token” from TechSoup and provide that to Google. Still working my way through that process. The site is not sending me the email to confirm my email address…

There are a number of back and forth steps between techsoup and g-for-NP. The verification of the NGO, tax id numbers etc can take time. Once the org is confirmed then the token email is generated. I had used our troop and pack email accounts for the back and forth confirmation and validations.

@Stephen_Hornak I’m guessing that TechSoup might be using the domain on the email address to help identify your organization as a non-profit? One reason we want to take advantage of G Suite for non-profits is to get our own domain name. Did you unit obtain its own EIN or did you use your chartered organization’s?

@JamesMayled - I used the Charter Org EIN

Our Troop is using it. It was very easy to get done.


Scout units are not corporate entities in themselves. They are also not part of your council (as a legal entity) but a franchise of it. Your unit is a function of your chartered organization, who holds a franchise or charter from your council to use BSA materials, trademarks, and procedures in the operation of a youth service program. If your charter org is a non-profit, then so are you, but only as part of your charter org. If you’re charter org is not a non-profit, then neither are you. Any validation of non-profit status will need the cooperation of your charter org since it’s their non-profit status you would be validating.


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