Using Roster to select a transfer selects the wrong scout

Today I went into the roster to transfer a scout. I checked the scout from the list, but when I clicked transfer the next screen displayed a different name. Oddly, it displayed the first name our alphabetical roster, but not the one I selected. I then went and selected two names to transfer, and the system displayed the first two names in alphabetical order, still not the names I selected.

I am also having the same problem, although in my case, it doesn’t have anything to do with alphabetical order- it’s the scout listed at the bottom of the page that it wants to transfer.

For me, it is selecting the same checkbox on every page of the roster. So, if I have 5 pages of 10 names each, and click the third checkbox down on the first page, that checkbox will be selected on ALL FIVE pages. I discovered this because on one of the pages, the third checkbox down was an adult leader, and I got a message that that person wasn’t eligible to transfer. Definitely some major bugs with this transfer tool!

I think you’re on to something here!