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Using Scoutbook for JTE

How can unit leaders use Scoutbook to track JTE?

My understanding is that Units complete a JTE Scorecard using JTE Workbooks at the end of each scouting year. I can see that Scoutbook is tracking certain JTE information, but I cannot see how to get a report from Scoutbook with that JTE information.

When I was a Cub Scout leader, we just manually looked over the Scoutbook calendar to try to pull down the info that we manually entered into JTE. Is there anything automated about it? Am I missing some best practices on how to use these tools?

Facing the same problem, in my troop I started filling out the spreadsheet at the beginning of the year. Every time something in one of the categories changed, I updated the scorecard. Saved a lot of scouring of history from Troopmaster (about four years ago) and Scoutbook (the past three).

With the new activity logs, service hours recorded in Internet Advancement (IA 2.0) will now feed directly into the BSA’s Journey To Excellence (JTE). In the past, service hours recorded in Scoutbook were not connected and had to be recorded separately.

I understand that they will automatically be submitted to the Council, etc. Are units going to be able to run a JTE report through IA2 or do we still have to manually pull those numbers out of Scoutbook to include in our JTE report?

Chuck Olson

Previously, there was a separate web site (servicehours.scouting.org) which units were supposed to use to report service projects. The old web site is still used for reporting Eagle Scout service hours (primarily district / council use) or Exploring service hours.

If units now use IA2 to report their service hours, then those hours will automatically feed to the BSA. But units will still need to count the number of projects, at least one must benefit the chartered organization, etc. for the scorecard.

There is a summary report available. Look at your troop roster in Internet Advancement, under the reports menu.

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Also, now that Internet Advancement is up the Service, Hikes, and Camping information that was pulled from Scoutbook says " This activity entry is from the Legacy Scoutbook.com service logs and does not count toward Journey to Excellence (JTE) "

I want the stuff we did this year (2020) to count for our JTE score. I went to delete the old stuff and create a new event but I do not see where I can delete the old information.

What do I need to do?

To be clear, while reporting hours is required by JTE, the service hour totals themselves don’t help much for unit JTE because the only number that matters for Req #8 for Packs or Troops is the number of events. (For District’s it’s much more complicated, because is the ratio of hours per scouts that matters.)

My guess is that the original question is more about all the other “bean counting” requirements, which are not always easy to figure out.

The worksheets are a big help, but for Retention, Webelos-to-Scout transition, Advancement and Camping, I find I have to calculate them manually, looking at each individual scout.

Basically, I flag each scout as:

  • New - Not on last charter
  • Continuing - On last charter and this one
  • Drop - On last charter but not continuing
  • Age Out - On last charter but no longer eligible for the program
  • Crossover - Moved to the Troop
  • Transferred - Moved to another Unit

And then for all rechartering scouts, I figure out if they advanced in the year (which you can see by running a report for the date of their last advancement), and if they went to camp.

One of the biggest challenges with this is that none of the existing Scoutbook or my.scouting.org reports can help, especially when figuring out the Crossovers, Transfers or Age-outs, because running a present-day report might not include them.

Calendar event-based requirements (service projects, pack meetings, outings) are a bit easier to figure out by just flipping through past events.

Bottom line, the workbooks are great. But you have to open them up a few times throughout the year. And you also need a good tracking system to figure out how your scouts are doing for the Membership and Program requirements, that is, until a developer has time to write a custom report, but I don’t see that happening soon.

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