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Using Video Conferencing for Troop & Patrol Meetings

I am the Scoutmaster (again) for a “new” troop and we barely got the SPL elected and he appointed his ASPL, then COVID-19 hit. I would like to get the SPL to finish organizing the troop and positions, training, and hold troop & patrol meetings (all virtually, of course, probably using Zoom). If possible, I would love to see how others are doing their meetings (being a fly on the wall and hopefully include the SPL as well). Anyone willing to have “virtual guests” observing at a troop and patrol meeting?

We are using Discord as the primary tool, and then Zoom for larger meetings or where it is more of an instructor / presentation. I wrote up my evaluation and posted it to https://1drv.ms/w/s!AlZ1YSKdolaI0KcHiQzjyTcVnzsIIw?e=yvrXPt for the troops in the area.

There are many videos out there in how to use Discord, but I also created 5 minute overviews of how our troops set them up and posted them out as well to the units.

Most of the scouts were already on Discord and getting the server set up was fairly straight-forward and both units ended up using the same pattern for how to lay out the channels, roles, etc. The hardest part was the parents, and helping them get set up.

In the end the pattern that we are using is the following:

Use Zoom when…

  1. It’s mostly someone presenting, like a merit badge class
  2. It’s parent focused, as they have a harder time using Discord and learning it.

Use Discord for everything else.If interested I can post screen shots of how they laid out Discord, or add that as an appendix to the Word document.

Thank you for the information. I will look up your evaluation and overviews. I have used several of these tools and definitely not afraid of any technology.

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