Validation Errors

I’m receiving errors when I try to validate. The only red error is “Unit does not have the required amount of leadership positions”. See attached screenshot. We are registering 7 den leaders/assistant den leaders plus the key 3 for a total of 10.

I’m also getting the yellow errors about not having YPT or CBC forms, even though I have uploaded the YPT certificates and adult application/CBC forms for each leader. I’m not sure if the yellow errors will prevent me from validating? I can’t figure out how to get rid of the errors.

I have an appointment to turn in our rechartering package this Thursday so I’m trying my best to validate and print/get required signatures before then. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Rechartering Validation Errors

the YPT/CBC have not been verified so they are Yellow

is one of the Key3 also a Den leader? @LauraHild

No, one of the key 3 is also a committee member but not a den leader. The other 2 of the key 3 have no other positions.

@LauraHild if you hover your pointer over the error it will tell you what positions you are missing.

The only person that can have more than one official position is the COR. They can also be a committee member or committee chair. If it is another one of the Key 3 other than this position yes it will kick it out.

It sounds like you’re short on committee members. You need 3 total, including the chairman.