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Venture Advisor Online Training video "Event Planning", Safety Procedures "Sweet 16" slide glitch

When trying to complete this portion of training, each of the 16 “blocks” will have a check-mark on each when that block’s training is completed. However, the Blocks move to the right of the screen and then disappear. I tried 3 different browsers (Firefox, MS Chrome & MS Edge) and had the same problem. I’ve spent 1.5 hrs trying to get through this training video. I was able to “game” the disappearing blocks by starting in the upper right corner and down that column, so I was able to complete all 16 blocks, however I still was not able to advance past this screen (must be a “continue” box to hit, which I can’t see.

See pic uploaded to see the “after” view of completed training and how 8 blocks disappeared. Thanks for your time and assistance.

@HarrySears Please contact your council. Your council can forward the issue to the BSA’s Member Care.

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Respectfully, this is a technical issue…going through my Council is a bureaucratic response. The purpose of the forums are to get issues directly to people that can help…otherwise all questions would have to go “up the chain” from council, district, etc.

@HarrySears you are wrong there - BSA in no way monitors these forums, and with them cutting off Membercare to volunteers - your council is your only recourse

Interesting…this is my first time on the forum. Apologies to all.

Things became more complicated once the BSA discontinued direct tech support to volunteers. This was never something that could have been resolved in the forums, since it requires direct action by BSA’s technical folks (and possibly even by an outside vendor rather than internal BSA folks). However, the answer would have looked more like “Contact Member Care at…” than “Contact your council”.

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@HarrySears The forums are indeed a great place to ask how to questions. And also a great place to report scoutbook bugs. For other technical issues, your council is the best path.


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