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Venture Scout earning Merit Badges cant add new ones in Scoutbook

I have a Life Scout now registered in a Crew. In Scoutbook when I look at this Scouts BSA advancement it shows his Venture Advancements. When I look at his Venture Advancements it shows the Venture advancements. I checked and the ScoutsBSA toggle is on in his profile. Does he have to dual register in a Troop? I thought they didn’t have to. Everything was fine until now, not sure what changed.

@CharlotteAshcraft This might be a bug. If you could post the Scout’s BSA number, we can take a look.

I am having the same problem with my entire crew. I can no longer access their BSA advancement whereas I could before.

I just took a look at a crew member who is also in a troop and his advancement for both troop and crew were visible and accessible.

122543258 is his Scout ID. I did double check today to make sure it hasn’t changed, it has not, still only displaying his Venture items.

We have confirmed this is a bug and notified the developers.

I am obviously a little late here, but noticed this first a couple days ago for all of the members of my Crew. Thank you Ed for letting us know it is a bug that will get fixed.

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