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Venturers as den chiefs

My chartered organization is finally getting a crew again and I have some of our scouts 18-19 year olds interested in being a den chief has anyone used an older venturer as a den chief?

If they want to do it, then do it. It’s a great idea!


I tried to nudge a few in that direction, but college or war took up to much of their time. But, if you have venturers willing to devote the time, you’re golden.

Success really depends on the DL. Your venturers – as they become used to being “advised” as opposed to “scoutmastered” – will need a DL who acts as a facilitator/partner.

Regardless, enjoy the crew reboot! I’m hoping that happens with mine as well.

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Sea Scouts can also be den chiefs

Can a Sea Scout be a Den Chief?

Yes indeed. Sea Scouts are a great resource as Den Chief’s; and the position of Den Chief can count toward advancement in your Ship, Crew, or Troop.

per Sea Scouts BSA Commodores Corner - “May 2018 - Transition of the National Sea Scout Director, Clarification of Time-Based Requirements, Den Chief Opportunity” by Sea Scouts, BSA | May 9, 2018

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thanks for all y’all’s replies. Hopefully ill have more questions as the crew keeps growing!!

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