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Venturing and Sea Scout Mentor Pins


As I work toward earning Summit Award and Quartermaster Rank, I was wondering if there are official mentor pins that can be given out similar to those for the Eagle Scout rank. Please let me know if there are any! Thanks.

@iOrca - No, there aren’t any. There are no mother, father or grandparent pins either.

The Eagle Scout Mentor pin is relatively new by BSA standards, i.e. less than 20 years old.

This plaque looks like your only reasonable option available from National Supply to recognize a Summit Award mentor. To me, it seems a bit much. It would be better if there was something not so overstated. This pin is also a candidate, but it is a bit understated. Thoughtful, heartfelt words spoke while it was being presented would, however, make it meaningful and likely appreciated.

For a Quartermaster mentor, my suggestion is this coin, which you can get engraved. If you had the word MENTOR engraved on it, it would look like it was made for that purpose.

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Congratulations on all of your hard work!
I would sweat the mentor pin … there are lots of other ways to award such folks … last night one of our Eagle scouts gave our committee member a pin, and the guy looked a little embarrassed to receive it.
But if you feel the need for a pin specifically (for example, your mentor actually wears pins), I see no problem with giving out the Eagle mentor pin.
If there is some interest among your fellow scouts to make this a tradition, it is possible to have a metallurgist cast pins for you. Some folks do it as a hobby and would knock out a bunch.

Good luck on the hard work and effort to achieve the top level awards for two of Scouting’s programs!

My oldest just completed their Summit a few months ago and we went through this very same question about mentor pins for Summit. Sadly, nothing exists. The sad but simple truth is that the award is so rarely earned it isn’t cost justifiable for National Supply to have a mentor pin created similar to the one for Eagle Scout. In much the same reason there aren’t pins for the parents or grandparents either.

Years ago there was a Venturing Mentor pin, which has since been discontinued, that could work if you can find it on eBay or some other secondhand retailer. We were able to purchase a small number back in June but the website I got them from are now sold out. Here’s a picture. Wish I knew the old BSA Stock ID #, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. It is quite a bit larger than the Eagle parent or mentor pins, maybe double the height.

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