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Venturing Personal Safety Awareness Training

Where can I find the official videos used for this training. I found some on YouTube posted by other individuals but they seem rather old. Are there updated versions or are they otherwise posted on an official BSA site somewhere? The links on the website do not provide much information.

Also, it is accpetable to have a parent review the discussion topics with the youth instead of doing this exercise in a Crew Meeting?


Hi, did you get an answer on this or are you still researching? It’s a great question I was also wondering…


No, I have not been able to find anything. I guess we will use whatever we can find on YouTube. Asking my DE and UC as well.

I have used the videos at the following link:

My understanding is the videos on You Tube linked above are correct. They were used at a recent Scouting University we attended. I saw another discussion that mentioned while the fashions were dated, the content hadn’t changed, thus the logic for not updating the videos.

Along with the videos, there is this document from the Ventruing.Org site:

This gives you suggested questions and discussion points.

I’m new to Venturing and while I’ve not seen anything against watching the videos with just a parent, part of the intent is to encourage discussion. Some youth may be more inclined to listen to what their peers say rather than what their parents say. Also, if you can get some of the youth speak, answer, offer opinions, etc. it might give other youth more courage to step forward and participate as well.

The videos are correct. However they are currently being updated and there is not a timetable to release at this time.

Our Crew has been using the existing videos since inception in 2013. They were way outdated then (from YouTube or grainy, outdated, no longer an optimal solution) and at times an embarrassment for an organization as large as BSA theoretically focusing on safety for all family members involved now. One more thing Venturing is behind on. We deserve a tentative, if not absolute, date for an updated set of videos.
Seriously, not complaining, Venturing, with less membership than Cubs and Boy Scouts end up lower on priority list. We have obevof the largest truly co-ed Crews in Sam Houston Area and in the country - help us continue to grow.

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Suggest to your Crew that they do a project (Summit perhaps?) and update the videos for submission to National.

They learn proper care of the equipment and editing. Job skills which are a big thing right now.

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This is Venturing. If your youth are bothered by a video’s quality, challenge them to make a better one.
Frankly, the training would be better retained if the youth were required to perform skits instead of watch videos.

Thanks. These are all new Crew members so they are being exposed to the materials for the first time in this setting. Would be good if we had a better resource that comes across in a relatable way. Appreciate the idea though.

I’m not sure if they are bothered by them or not. As a new crew, I’m simply trying to find out if this is the correct source of information to share with them. You cannot find a source for the videos anywhere within a Scouting resource, including a link to the YouTube videos. And the YT postings do not indicate they are sanctioned by BSA nor are the connected with national or a council, as far as I can tell. At a minimum, it would be helpful if BSA would simply state that these are still the most current versions in order to avoid confusion.

In response to the suggestion that the Crew members perform skits, I’m not sure the seriousness and gravity of these topics really lend themselves to “skits” or acting out the scenarios. The point of the discussion guide and videos is to engage them in a meaningful conversation around difficult issues and how to address them with themselves and others. If there was already an understanding of the topics well enough to effectively act out a skit about them, there would not be a need for them to take the course to begin with. At the Venturing award level (which is where this requirement sits), these youth are 14-15 years old and are to be on the receiving end of the information, not giving it. Appreciate the response though.

Age 14-15 is the ideal age to use the methods of theater to address these issues. I think my crew would have done better with that than with the videos.

I got my videos on a CD/DVD when I took VLST decades ago. So, I never worried about provenance. The contents of the CD may be downloaded here
you’ll find they are the same as the YTs. Moreover, there are some YT vids not on this list. Keep that in mind as the youth you are training this year will be running the course next year.