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Venturing Rank and Award Requirements ~

Good morning all,

I have been glancing over both the Venturing Rank and Award requirements noting that I have completed some of them already while a Scout. However, I was not a registered Venturer in a Crew. I have been looking into whether you can count past completions of certain requirements before the date of joining, and I have found that certifications that one has completed before joining Venturing and that overlaps counts. Does one need to be registered in a Crew in order to begin advancing?

Also, what if one were to join a Sea Scouting Ship before registering in a Crew? Can he/she work on awards and ranks for Venturing or not since the two programs split in February of 2016? I have been rather curious about this matter for quite some time now. Please enlighten me with what you know on this matter! As always, thank you for your time and guidance.

  • Jordan “Orca”

What you have done in the past should not count, though you can use anything that fulfills requirements in more than one program for credit in both after joining. While I haven’t looked at Sea Scouts, this is a consistent theme in the programs. Past Credit for Venturers

The requirements for all Venturing awards require the work to be done as Venturers. For example, even though a young person earned the Backpacking merit badge as a Scout, before becoming a Venturer, he or she must pass the Ranger backpacking elective once registered as a Venturer. Some requirements may call for certification such as Scuba Open-Water Diver, American Red Cross Standard First Aid, or BSA Lifeguard. Current certifications such as these may be used regardless of when they were earned. Multiple Credit for Venturers

Venturers may receive multiple credit for requirements. In the above example, if the Backpacking merit badge was earned while the member was also a Venturer, the effort could also count toward the Ranger elective. Further, experiences such as the Red Cross Emergency Response course could be used for the Ranger first aid requirement and the first aid and lifesaving electives. Venturers may not receive multiple credit for something like a tabletop display or a presentation. These must be done separately and relate directly to each situation requiring them.

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Thank you for the valuable information, Kirk! I will pass it on.

There is one award where Boy Scout activities carry over into Venturing. That is the National Outdoor Award. The requirements are written to allow either merit badges or Venturing Ranger requirements. It is the miles, nights, and hours of activity that are important to carry over from one program to another.

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