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Virtual AOL Crossover Ceremony Ideas

Looking for ideas/content for virtual AOL crossover ceremony. Has anyone done this yet?

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I guess no one is crossing over? :wink:

All the Scouts that crossed over into my troop did so in January and February before COVID shut things down. Sorry. I can’t help with suggestions.

While not exactly you question, I did the following for our move-up ceremony (Lion to Tiger, Tiger to Wolf, etc.):

First, individual den zoom meetings to recognize scouts for any final awards for the year. We also did the face painting ceremony where parents painted their own kids’ faces using washable markers.

Then, we all met at a church parking lot where we set up the bridge and had a bag for each scout with their awards and other stuff we needed to get to them. Everyone remained in their cars (except me). We all logged into zoom with everyone but me muted out of convenience. If I had a bullhorn or some other portable sound system, we could have used that. I called one family at a time up, they crossed the bridge got a couple pictures from our designated photographer, and they got their bag.

I think the scouts and families appreciated that we did something, even if it wasn’t ideal.

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I’m working on this now for our den. I’m dropping off shirts + AOL patches to the parents prior to our virtual AOL. We’re going to have a small camp fire (fire pit, tbh) on a virtual meeting with an American Flag and Scout flag in the background. I’ll do a short introduction and thank you. Then we’ll share a short video showing some of what we accomplished this year. After that, we’ll have some of the Boy Scouts ask each scout to come up close to the camera and welcome them to the Troop while a parent pins the AOL patch on their uniform.

Not sure exactly how we’ll close it, that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far - hoping to do it in about two weeks. Would love any other suggestions.

Would love more suggestions on this if anyone has anything to add.

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Carol Ann Brown
Virtual AOL Ceremony and Crossover to Scouts BSA
My den was scheduled for their Ceremony and Crossover on 4/20/20. With everything shut down as of 3/16/2020, I was able to schedule by Zoom Meetings with the 2 Troops my den had selected to join.This involved 3 meetings-- one with each parent family; the other with the receiving troops-- Scoutmasters,SPL from each troop, and the ASM from each troop;our Pack Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster as the sending representatives from our Pack… We were able to agree on a date for a virtual Crossover by way of Zoom 12 days later–May 2,2020
A script was put together by one of the Scoutmasters and the Pack representatives, did the candle portion and explanation of each step in scouting.We planned two rehearsals prior to 5/2/2020, mainly for the speaking parts
As the AOL Den Leader, I was responsible for gettting the arrows to each family as well as their certificate that was made. They were even presented with a cupcake for their “reception” following the ceremony with blue/green sprinkles representing their transition from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA.This was all done in a meeting up displaying social distancing in our local grocery store parking lot.
Because of the uncertainty of getting their rank and adventure pins on time, I created card stock copies and exchanged them when they arrived from National Headquarters…

Although it wasn’t like the “regular” ceremony, I think overall it went well!

It is an interesting ??? - I am leaning toward doing their crossover at a COH

We’ve delayed our Crossover / Bridging ceremonies*. Although the AoL scouts joined their troop some time ago, we’re going to have a “drive-by” this coming week. The Cubmaster is going to pre-record the speech. We’ll set up the Bridge in our COs parking lot. Families will sign up for an individual time-slot to come by, at which point their scouts’ stuff will be set out for them by a skeleton crew of leaders. The scouts can cross in isolation and the parents will award them their new neckerchief, rank badges, and any other awards that haven’t been distributed since this started. In this way, we can avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.

*Our Pack uses the term “Crossover” to refer to cubs moving up to the next rank, and “Bridging” to refer to AoL’s moving to a troop. I don’t know if this is standard terminology or not. These are usually done at different times, with Bridging happening in March or April, and Crossover at the end of the year. But this year is a bit different.

We did not do a virtual one but we did a drive by. We set up a station at a local park where the Committee was stationed and the families drove up in their car and we handed them their awards, took pics and clapped for them. They all seemed to love it.

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