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Virtual Boards of Review

Hi all, my district is being proactive in thinking about how we might conduct a virtual Eagle Scout board of review, given that some board members may be hesitant to meet during the next few weeks. Obviously, if the board can wait, that’s the best option, but if timing is an issue, a virtual meeting seems like a viable alternative.

The Guide to Advancement provides guidance on this in Section Boards of Review through Videoconferencing.

Apart from getting council approval, another key recruitment is that “All members of the board of review must be visible to the Scout, and any observers with the Scout must be visible to members of the board of review.” Thus, not all videoconferencing tools may be appropriate.

Does anyone have any positive (or negative) experiences or recommendations on tools or hosting these reviews virtually?

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Not reviews, but plenty of online meetings … including an interview for World Scout Jamboree. I think we used Facetime for the latter.
Not great. It’s really hard to get everyone in a comfortable environment.
Zoom and Google Hangouts do the task most days.

I have to admit that seems more like a hardware limitation than a software limitation. Almost all of the software I’ve used (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype) has the capability to display all participants to all participants.

The most immediate issue I could see would be one of having a method for the board to discuss the decision on approval without asking the scout to “leave” and then “rejoin” the meeting after a fixed time period. If the board is all physically colocated, then they can simply mute their mic and cover the camera to simulate the scout “leaving the room” for the discussion. If the board is spatially diverse, that could require more coordination.


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