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Virtual Campout - ideas for Scouts without backyard or safe patio to participate in

Hello. Our troop is planning to do a virtual campout in a few weeks. We have a few scouts, who live in the apartments without a yard or a safe patio I am brainstorming how they can participate, and experience “an overnight camp-like” experience.

I watched National Camp-in past weekend on BSA facebook site, and in the earlier video, I saw that someone in the video was suggesting scouts to bring out a yoga mat, possibly a tent or if not, a sleeping bag, a pillow, etc., and have typical outdoor gears next to them (like a flashlight.)

We are CA., and the weather has been great. Maybe… opening up the window to get a breeze? (But then they may hear the sound of traffic instead.)

I wonder if anyone has some more ideas about how to accommodate scouts bound in apartments during the virtual campout.

Thank you.

Troop 402, ASM

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Hi, @MikaWatanabe. One idea that immediately popped to mind was “white noise”. When we were doing our district’s virtual campout a couple of weekends ago, I found several videos on youtube of campfires and the like, which ran several hours and included night sounds like crickets, running water, etc. That might help mitigate the noise aspect to one degree or another.

I could see opening the windows going either way. I’m personally really sensitive to air pollutants, so having my asthma acting up all night because of diesel trucks running past would be a big issue for me. On the flip side, getting fresher air vs hot stagnant air would be a clear improvement.

Having some fresh local smells (I think sage and pine down here in SD county) would probably help, but harvesting such could be an issue, both for conservation purposes and due to various regulations.

During the National Campin there were some participants shown that had built their “tent” inside the house. Not everyone was outside.

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If there is room, put up a one or two person tent inside. If not maybe make a tent using blankets. Keep all lights off at night, make a fake campfire using sticks or pretzel rods or put on on computer or tablet. Make smores in microwave. Put up some white twinkle lights in room to simulate stars. Use personal sleeping bags to sleep in. Prepare a breakfast planned beforehand and have scout make similar to what they would eat if camping. Plan a virtual campfire program where all scouts participate through one of the internet virtual meeting websites. Have scouts prepare songs, cheers, or even skits. Shut off other electronics.


Thank you so much. Enhancing the experience with the sound and scent effects sound like a great idea. Thank you.

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Thank you! I did not watch the whole thing but the BSA did a wonderful job on the National Camp-in. I was quite impressed.

Thank you for all the ideas! I will share these with our SPL. Thank you.

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