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Virtual community service?

My son needs six hours of community service but we are having a hard time finding an organization that wants volunteers right now. Any creative ideas for meeting this requirement?

Do you have any seniors’ services in your area? Your son could arrange an online social hour with them, or do some online tech help if he’s interested in that – help them learn how to use tech to stay in touch with their families?

Or do some kind of collection/recycling service where the direct contact could be minimized.

Or find some service project like working with rescue animals?

Some ideas:
Pick up trash at a local park, school or playground
If your community paints “No Dumping” next to storm sewers, those are often done by volunteers
Make masks
Ask your community Parks & Recs department if they have any volunteer projects available. Mine often has Scouts do projects for them, even now.


Trash pickups are always a winner. Do you have any State, City or National Parks in your area? Most are open and the hiking/walking trails always need a policing up (and you can earn some hiking credits). Just remember to get approval from the Unit Leader before performing the and service task on your own or the many no count it.

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This Venturer’s 1,000,000 pieces of trash project ends August 30:

This is from my son: "My name is John-Aaron Bozanic. I am a Venturer in Crew 774 in Orange County Council, California. I am currently working on my Summit and my Silver Hornaday Project. The goal of the project is to pick up 1,000,000 pieces of trash by the end of August, and promote good health during these times by getting people walking outdoors in a responsible manner. It was designed with the Covid-19 restrictions in mind, and can be done on an individual, family, den, pack, patrol, troop, or community level as permitted in your region. I am looking for volunteers to help me reach my goal.

Report your results at:

Send pictures and short stories if you want. Some of these will be posted for others to see! Send to:
1000000PiecesOfTrash@gmail.com "

Youth are also eligible to earn their “Messengers of Peace” award for 2 hours service and reportinig. There is more information on his Facebook page at:

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