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Virtual Meetings

HI Leaders and all volunteers! Thank you so much for donating your time and effort helping young people.

Ideas for virtual meetings:

We have been conducting meetings since C-19 lock downs began. Here are some tips I find useful.

  1. Share the load. Delegate a leader each week to host the meeting.
  2. Delegate duties on line. i.e. Someone who leads, Someone to control meeting. (bring back to topic) 3. someone to run an online game. ex. Kahoot.it - Someone who mutes people who have useless back ground noises.
  3. Have a plan and an agenda. An outline. Stick to the plan.
  4. Do not wing it, Plan It. Try sticking to the plan but it is okay to change it up. Also, I start the meeting dressed up as a different character each week.
  5. Our agenda includes: Pledge of Alligence, Oath, Law. 2. Announcements from scouts and then by adults.
  6. Focus on Scouting. We plan to short but informative topics; i.e. back packing tips, hiking tips, fire building tips. first aide. camping tips.
  7. Everyone should talk and be a part of the conversation. Everyone has input.
  8. DO NOT LECTURE a. show videos. b. split screens. c. share pics of what you did for scouts that week.
  9. Play a game at the end. Multiple chocie, True/Fasle, Jeopardy, Family Fued. You can make teams or not. Make it fun. Have funny questions and funny answers. And have questions based on the activity taught.
  10. Final announcements
  11. Scout Master Minute
  12. Close it out.

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