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Was emailed via several individuals all older programs are being terminated

I think discussion of rank has gotten us into the weeds. The issue is when does a person become an adult. I grew up on the front row of the conflict. I was 18 years & 3 months old when I arrived in Germany as a soldier. I was an adult. Meanwhile I made some friends who were older then me but children of soldiers (or staff supporting us) and they were kids.

True story - I was in a group that was told that we could never ask a daughter out. Though I was closer to her in age than her boyfriend at that moment. Long after it mattered the mother and I talked and she found out. She was mortified as she just thought of soldier = too old.

Even now I have a young man who is now on extension (thanks COVID) and he is not an adult. I think highly of him, but he is an old about to be high school senior and not an adult.

Along the same lines - I have often wondered about distinctions on what Venturers and Sea Scouts can do while Scouts BSA can not. In theory they are different programs. In practice many crews are nothing more than an extension of a troop.

Again, I think a lot could be gained from having better continuum of program and organization. Radical idea would be to try moving to the concept of a single unit with three programs:

  • Cub Scouts
  • Scouts BSA
  • Venturers or Sea Scouts

A youth would change programs but not always a unit. Remove the Summit Award and Quartermaster and just have Eagle. Move the program to cover through High School with an adjunct for those who are in transition to adulthood.

How about over 50 for those of us that haven’t hit 55 yet :grin:

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